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We are a weight reduction facility that has assisted individuals in their efforts to lose weight for many years. Weight loss can be difficult. As a result, we craft unique programs for each individual so that they can experience successful outcomes. We make a customized plan because we understand that everyone is different.

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Weight Assessment

Before we can create a treatment plan for your weight loss journey, we must first accurately determine your weight using a variety of weight assessment procedures.

Body Composition Analysis

With the technique of body composition analysis, we will delve deeper into your health and body by splitting the number on the level into its contributory elements of fat, muscle, and water.

Lifestyle Program

You cannot live any lifestyle if you are trying to lose weight. In order to help you become fit and healthy, we will create a lifestyle program based on your daily schedule.

Weight Loss Medications

We will give you safe, an effective medication approved by our certified medical professionals to help you lose weight more quickly.

Psychologist Services

Don't worry if your weight loss program affects your mental health because a certified psychiatrist will help you stay psychologically healthy throughout the journey.

Dietary Plans

To help you shed the extra body fat, increase muscle, and maintain a healthy weight, we provide meal plans with timings based on our analysis and the findings we have obtained.

Other Treatments

Lose weight the right way with medical support

With the correct medication, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments, you can definitely see changes in yourself with our expert medical help.

Prescribed Medication

Tele Health Consultations

Lifestyle Coaching

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

Weight loss and weight management are intriguing topics for people trying to shed extra pounds. Although it is as simple as eating less and working out more, it still needs extreme amounts of hard work and dedication. However, it is not just limited to that! Daily habits can also help keep the extra pounds off for good. If you’re a beginner looking to lose weight, here are some tips you can follow:

Skipping breakfast


People often tend to skip meals to eat less during the day. However, it backfires at night when they munch on chips and sodas to compensate for their lack of nutrition. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, which helps boost the metabolism. Unfortunately, you will often miss out on the essential nutrients required to get your system started by skipping breakfast.

Eating fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best friends of people looking to lose weight. Since they are low in calories, overeating them does not harm the daily calorie intake limit. It will also help reduce cravings for junk and keep you full for longer.



It is a no-brainer that being active is one of the first steps to weight loss. While diet and portion control play an essential role in trying to shed pounds, keeping the body moving whenever possible to tone the body and lose excess fat.

Consuming high-fiber foods

Fiber is the main ingredient to keep you full for a more extended period, and It will curb the feelings of munching on junk and sweets, which will, in turn, help in losing weight. Vegetables, oats, brown rice, peas, lentils, whole grain bread, and many others are rich in fiber which is essential for weight loss.

Reading food labels

People visit the supermarket and choose boxed juices and other products considered ‘healthy.’ However, by reading the labels, we can understand the amount of sugar and salt in fat that goes into making such products that are deemed healthy. It also provides calorie information, which is essential when tracking your calories.

Banning certain foods

While avoiding junk like pizza, chips, burgers, and sweets will help you reduce weight, banning them from your life will only make you crave them more. As long as you can stay within your daily caloric intake, you can enjoy treats now and then.

Stocking junk food

One way to lose weight faster is to eliminate all the junk food stocks at home, like crisps, chocolates, frizzy drinks, etc. Instead, make a conscious choice of having fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious food to help you lose weight.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol reduces the function of the liver and eventually results in a slower metabolism. It is one of the easiest access to liquid calories.

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